Sunset Soundrise

by Frédéric Nogray

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"We walked for a long time on the slope of a hill in the rainforest to find a good spot to record the sounds of the wildlife at sunset. Because of the tropical heat and the weight of my recording equipment in my backpack, climbing was not so easy. We found a site to install my microphones in an interesting soundscape, not too near the top of the slope where there were not enough trees to deaden the sounds of human activities all around, and not too close to the stream below.

The people in charge of the botanical garden had told me in this location I could witness an abundance of animal life at sunset. This precise moment the diurnal animals are looking for their last meal before rest while the nocturnal wildlife are waking up little by little as the sun disappears...

I thought tropical forests were always full of sounds from animals, however in this location - and some others - I discovered that it was possible to experiment with deep quietness. In these near silent places, each sound - every piece of information - comes to us in more and more detail as minutes and hours pass. This composition is an attempt to share this particular way to deal with time."

Sunset Soundrise belongs to a series of dreamlike sonic compositions from field recordings in the wild by the Caribbean Sea, on the North Coast of Honduras during two travels there in 2012.

All sounds used here were field recorded on 25 August 2012, in the rainforest near Centro de Investigación y Jardín Botánico Lancetilla during sunset from 4.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m. Then they have simply been assembled, softly edited and mastered at Studio No*Mad in Paris in October and November 2012.

Thank you very much Don Vindel and Ingeniro Luis Bejerano at Centro de Investigación y Jardín Botánico Lancetilla, Tony Whitehead, with very special thanks to Marcella Perdomo and AETA Audio System.

The cover image is a picture from the “Andara Painting” series by Frédéric Nogray.


released May 10, 2013



all rights reserved


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Very Quiet Records is a small independent label. The idea is simple. We release recordings of quiet places or situations from sound artists and field recordists from around the world. (Please note, we are not accepting submissions at the moment).

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